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At Missouri Hemp Comany we believe everyone has the ability to grow a successful hemp crop. With the right resources and knowledge any farmer or typical person can be a hemp farmer. We like to think of ourselves as a boutique hemp consulting team. Only because our team consist of just a few people & we work with small farms ( 300 plants or less ) & large commercial farms ( 1000 acre plus ). Here you won't find out of state opportunist. You will find local Missouri raised entreprenuers that truly care for the hemp industry & the farmers involved. Over the years our team has owned multiple hemp companies that specialize in product, brand & farming development. We can take your hemp from field to the consumer. With our resources and experience we will develop a specific plan to meet your hemp business goals. Whether that be growing flower or making a cannabinoid tincture/drops.The reality is if hemp doesn't succeed then we can't succeed. Contact us today & give us a little information about yourself/company. We will contact you ASAP to discuss our consulting packages that work best for you. Thank you & hope to hear from you soon! Have A Hempy Day!


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