Missouri Hemp Co.™ brings high quality hemp products at affordable prices to ensure access to as many people that want to use hemp and cbd for their lifestyle.  Innovators of Lil Dixies™ becoming the first Hemp Roll with hemp filter, hemp paper, hemp flower, and a hemp box.  The King Roll pre roll is a delicious pre roll with over 1.5 grams per roll.  Missouri Hemp Co is also helping farmers with seed supply and purchasing final crops and extractions.  You can find an array of bulk supply items within our sku count.  Being Missouri's hemp leaders in the state we pride ourselves on education and quality.  

Missouri Hemp History: Little Dixie farmers ventured into hemp around 1820 which became the leading cash crop by 1840. Farmers started advanced processing methods making Missouri one of the nation's leaders in hemp production. The seven counties of Little Dixie produced more than half of Missouri's Hemp. Here we are once again, Missouri has the opportunity to be the Leader in Hemp - sit back & enjoy the New Era of Hemp in Missouri!

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